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Dey do dat, a blower motor switch held in with two screws and a plug, won't sell that, have to buy a completely new climate control panel. Surprised you didn't catch that before you purchased the thing, that is the time to negotiate.

Ha, I found an old Technics Sl-D33 turntable at my wife's prior home, had to have it, but that plastic lid was all scratched up. Started with 400 grit wet sandpaper and ended up with 2500 grit, than used a wet power buffer with a very fine polishing media. Looks like new again. But kind of an acrylic hard plastic that polishes well.

But with softer plastics they will melt no matter how light the sanding and will make a mess out of it. You never really know until you try.

Could be a safety issue if you can't read your gauges, think I would fight with your dealer.

Could also be a coating where good old fashion soap and water will clean it, Maybe one of the GM reps on this board can help you.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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