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Mechanic says it's a strut. He says it is perfectly safe to drive, and would need an alignment after the new strut is installed. The quote is $600-700. How hard is it to install a new strut? Should I try it at home?
At a minimum you'll need a spring compressor.

Alignment afterwards is also a must.

I have a lot of tools and experience but I wouldn't do a strut myself. Anyway you slice it you can't do an alignment at home so you'll still have to take it in for that.

Right side of the suspension always wears first, because it is closest to the broken pavement at the curb, sewer grates, etc., and when you think about it right turns are tighter than left.

I'd also get the left strut replaced at the same time because it will likely go in the next year and this way you'll only pay for one alignment.
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