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Clutch delay valve & accumulator delete on gen 2

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That may sounds weird but let me explain.

I've been driving manual since my first car but with the Cruze I can't figure out if the car is the problem or if it's me. I have a 2017 Cruze. It's like I don't know how to shift. I'd say 1/2 times I feel like a beginner when shifting gear. And don't think of going from 1 to 2 quickly or it will grind. As of right now I want to change the car for an automatic trans. I'll go with a Spark if I have to.

I read somewhere that is a "feature". RPM hang or something like that.

Someone feeling the same? Any advice?

Thank you!

If you don't want to read all, because why would you do that, here's the parts needed to delete the CDV and the accumulator.

GM 55352050 (Gen 1 elbow without the CDV)
McLeod 139160 (x2) (clutch line connectors)
McLeod 139100-42 or 139100-36 (would be long enough)(clutch line)

Thanks to Billy at McLeod Racing for taking care of my order.
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The M32 is just a junk execution of a manual transmission. I owned one in my Gen 1, and it's worse in the Gen 2, so I went to an automatic.

In the Gen 2, the clutch is numb, throws are vague and clunky, the gear spacing is massive (old Eco gearing from Gen 1) and doesn't work well with the powerband of the LE2 that is sleepy below 2000 RPM, and the rev hang/heavy flywheel don't help matters much either.

There's not much a tune does for rev hang either, btw.

Things that DID help on the Gen 1, though:
-Clutch delay valve delete
-Clutch accumulator bypass (the two of these help with that stupid 1-2 grind)
-Amsoil 75w-90 transmission fluid

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First Gen also have both the CDV and accumulator, at least my 03/11 does. I'm the second owner and have been thinking about the delete myself although spirited driving is not my usual operating method.

Been meaning to visit a junk yard to see if its possible to just bypass the accumulator rather than rebuilding it, but its low on the priority list for me.
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