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Clutch Delay Valve Delete for Gen2

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I recently bought a 2018 Lt and hated the shift characteristics from 1-2 and sometimes from 2-3. It is especially bad when doing any sort of spirited acceleration from a stop.

So I decided to see if you could easily remove the CDV like the first gens. Some preliminary research led me to believe that this new gen CDV was integral and not easily removable.

I decided to investigate further and instead of tearing apart a brand new car, I researched how much a CDV and clutch line cost. The valve was cheap at 11 bucks and the line was only 24 with 3 dollar shipping.

So I ordered both.

Upon initial inspection it does appear hope is lost and the part is integral. (First pic)

However, using a small pick to remove the line, you will see a rubber donut that is slipped down into the Master input end of the fitting. (2nd and 3rd pic)

I used the small pick and electronics needlenose pliers to remove the rubber donut. Once that is removed, the small delay valve orifice can be removed. (4th and 5th pic)

The 6th picture shows how it works like a check valve.

With the line, you also get a new accumulator. I tried to disassemble the body with no success, but did note that it is a male/ female design. Both fittings are the same dimensionally.(pics 7 8 and 9)

The only issue I see is the length if the line being too short after the accumulator is removed.

I hope to try this on my car after checking what's in the clutch system. I will update you guys on the results.

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Switching to the Amsoil synchromesh will help as well. The Gen 2 uses the Gen 1's gearing, so that 1->2 throw is long and slow.

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Sorry to dig up an old thread, but could anyone share the PNs for the CDV and line?

So I did some more googling and found the PNs that seem to be needed.
55505687 is the line with accumulator
55572350 is the CDV.

I read somewhere on here that we need the “aftermarket one” to be able to pull out the valve, can’t seem to find that so I’ll have to see what I get. I ordered both of these parts.

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Sorry to dig up thread again, But here is a vid on this more recent
. also part number for cdv used is 55352050.(this is not me its a guys i follow who custom builds parts for the cruze and tests them on his youtube channel. Hope maybe this helps anyone.
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