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Clutch options

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So while my engine is out of my car to be replaced with a new one, I thought I might as well change the clutch. 42k miles on the original. Hardly any clutch dust in the bell-housing.
Does anyone know what the clutch thickness is supposed to be for a 2011 ECO? What about the minimum thickness?
I would like to compare to mine to see how "good" I was doing with it.

Options from cheapest to most expensive:

1 put original back in if not worn much $0
2 put new original style 216mm clutch in $70
3 put newer style 228mm clutch/dual-mass flywheel/plate kit (recommended by GM for even their stage kit) $271
4 Aftermarket stage clutch kit with non-dual mass flywheel. $???

Any suggestions?

I do plan on getting a tune so option 3 seems appealing.
I know if I want big power I may need to go with option 4 but really afraid after what Preloader went through with his Sonic.
Is there a known good option 4 that can handle more power than option 3 for not much more monies and not blow the slave like Pre's?

Feedback is appreciated.

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Is #3 the one that comes stock on 2014 and up Cruze? @Xtremerevolution, is this the one you had installed?
I would go with #3 just because it keeps it OEM and reduces the chance of other problems. But, #4 might be nice if you plan on tuning it for power.
Is #3 the one that comes stock on 2014 and up Cruze?
I believe it is.
I got the clutch that I ordered on Tuesday.
I choose option 3 and got it from Jegs since they were close(Ohio) and the cheapest at $248 shipped. It is a LUK unit made in Germany.
Box shows it was from Pontiac, MI. Then it must have went to Ohio just to get shipped back to me in MI.
The box was huge and let the internal box bounce around.
The flywheel and pressure plate had come out of their respective boxes and were somewhat loose in the GM box.
It came with torx flywheel bolts and etorx pressure plate bolts.
Total weight is just below 38 pounds which is ridiculous for(or because of) such a tiny engine.
The instructions that came with the clutch kit were pretty basic. It has torque instruction for the bolts but does not say which way the clutch is supposed to be.
Auto part Clutch part Clutch Tire Wheel
Auto part Clutch part Clutch Tire Rotor

I think the 2nd pic is the correct way.
It is sitting in the flywheel.

Anyone else know otherwise?

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Hello, guys! Please, if it is not difficult try to help me with a question that annoys me a lot! Chevrolet Cruze 2012 , 1.8 manual transmission 6speed clutch kit what diameter
If the engine is out, you are "committed" to change the clutch disk! :)
Be careful to the slave cylinder, I had issues with it, the kit I got had the wrong part inside.. See my post here:
How-To: Engine Swap - 2011 ECO MT to 2014 ECO MT | Chevrolet Cruze Forums (
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