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Clutch Upgrade for Holden Cruze Australia

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Hey guys,

Since I'm going to be aiming at getting a bit more power out of the cruze I wanted to upgrade my clutch to something that can withstand the power comfortably. Has anyone had any experience with upgrading their clutch or know where I can get one for this car?

Any help will be appreciated.

Cheers, Ryan.
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I'm currently looking myself. Exede make a replacement clutch but im not sure if it will hold any more power then the stock one.

I' at 41 km's and I've had to resort back to running my petrol tune with reduced power to stop it from slipping when boost comes on.
got confirmation from exedy that clutch they make is only suitable for stock replacement.

I'm waiting to hear back from clutch masters to be a local reseller/distributor though.
Ok thanks please keep me undated because I really need to put an upgraded one in. Any other help would be great. Cheers
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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