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CNN Says Recall for Engine Shields and Inspect Welds in Rear compartment

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We all known about the "oil spill" fires. They will be modifing our engine shields. What I didn't know is that some cars may have "incomplete" welds in the rear compartments. Anybody heard of that before?

Recall letters will start going out from GM in July.
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It is not my wish to argue with you.
I usually agree with your words but I have to disagree with your sentence
"GM had thrown Pontiac out the door"
I am of the opinion that Pontiac cut their own throat.
Pontiac made many generations of Bonneville. Those that traded their Bonnie every two to four years all of a sudden are told "No more Bonnie's it's now a G8." I would really like to know the sales number difference between the last four years on Bonnie's and the first years of G8.
Like if Chevy all of a sudden says "No more Impala's its now a F6. A stupid move that would loose customers.
Just my opinion.
I agree wholeheartedly about the Bonneville to G8 injustice ( who in their right mind would throw out a storied name and model for a meaningless alphanumeric misnomer? ), but then I ask, "and who signed-off on what the Pontiac division could do?" The answer ultimately is GM.
They are all covered by the recall at this point, are they not? Unless you're speaking of the gas tank brackets, which is a miniscule percentage of the total number of Cruzes out there.
Oh really? The global automobile industry's leading publication, Automotive News, reported yesterday that 61,000 North American Chevrolet Cruze cars are to be inspected for improper and deficient welds .. not the relative handful originally acknowledged by GM. Here's a direct link to the article:

Relatedly ... if you are interested in, employed by or simply wish to learn about the fascinating nuts and bolts of the automobile business in today's transformed and interconnected world, you simply can't go wrong with a subscription to AN.

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According to GM, there are 61,000 cars that have the fuel tank assembly that came off the machine that missed the welds. However, only 249 of them actually have the missed welds. The problem is that GM doesn't know which 249 out of the 61,000 and this has more to do with the way modern assembly lines operate than anything else. The inspection for the missed welds is nothing more than looking at how the fuel tank is secured and take just a few seconds to do. Since they all need to come in for the splash shield modification this simply means the tech walks to the back of the car while it's up on the lift and look up to count welds.

Also, the cars missing the welds still meet US safety standards, just not GMs.

Thank you for taking to time to provide more comprehensive information on the welding issue recall, quantify how many cars are actually expected to require a field repair (249) as opposed to the number of vehicles subject to recall (61,000) and, finally, to explain the process a Chevrolet service center technician will use to evaluate a Cruze.

It appears then that both the initial public-release report from GM and the following Automotive News article were factually correct, with the former emphasizing the smaller number and the latter highlighting the larger number of automobiles involved. The good news is GM has chosen to be upfront about the issue, taking prompt action to ensure the car's integrity in certain accident situations and to protect the Cruze's public image, future sales and the resale value and desirability of Cruzen already plying North American roadways.

IIRC, a Cruze with improper and deficient welds will be repaired by either using bolts fasteners, applying additional welds or perhaps some combination thereof . Can you confirm these will be the field fixes, or do you have more accurate information describing another procedure.

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With respect .... UlyssesSG
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