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CNN Says Recall for Engine Shields and Inspect Welds in Rear compartment

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We all known about the "oil spill" fires. They will be modifing our engine shields. What I didn't know is that some cars may have "incomplete" welds in the rear compartments. Anybody heard of that before?

Recall letters will start going out from GM in July.
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Actually, 3 weeks is pretty quick. Consider that GM needs to get the information and any required parts to their dealerships before the first owner calls in for the recall. I have seen up to six months from the time the recall was announced to the time the first notices were mailed.
In my conversations with Tom, I've discovered these things have to go through a ridiculous number of approvals in several departments. It's not exactly a one signature deal.
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^Did the modification to mine today. It's nothing but hacking away the panel section that sits directly under the oil pan, filter, more room for the drain plug, and the vent on the transmission. No holes required. GM doesn't want to risk ANY fluid left behind to ignite after the previous Cruze fires.

As for the Rear compartment recall, very few Cruzes are applied to this one I believe (compared to 420,000 for the shield that is). The brackets for the fuel tank should be spot welded, if they are MIG welded, you need to go in for repair. I don't have a picture of this one, so I can't show where.
It's really hard to tell from that picture exactly how much material is hacked away.
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