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CNN Says Recall for Engine Shields and Inspect Welds in Rear compartment

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We all known about the "oil spill" fires. They will be modifing our engine shields. What I didn't know is that some cars may have "incomplete" welds in the rear compartments. Anybody heard of that before?

Recall letters will start going out from GM in July.
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Lawyer to Physician client about terminally-ill patient: "...just wait long enough and your law suit will resolve itself..." (for those wise enough to "read-between-lines")

The stealerships didn't have ANY information or parts when we received our two Recall notices for our 2009 Pontiac Vibe; had to wait three weeks before we could even 'schedule' an appointment to have the car inspected to even determine if it was affected (it was) or not! Granted this was (a) after GM had thrown Pontiac out-the-door and (b) GM was still crawling out of bankruptcy, but remember GM boldly declared that they were honoring *all* Warranty obligations. Where did GM think they should *send* those Recall instructions & parts to with all their Pontiac stealerships "shuttered & closed"? Can you say: poor (or none?) forward thinking?
It is not my wish to argue with you.
I usually agree with your words but I have to disagree with your sentence
"GM had thrown Pontiac out the door"
I am of the opinion that Pontiac cut their own throat.
Pontiac made many generations of Bonneville. Those that traded their Bonnie every two to four years all of a sudden are told "No more Bonnie's it's now a G8." I would really like to know the sales number difference between the last four years on Bonnie's and the first years of G8.
Like if Chevy all of a sudden says "No more Impala's its now a F6. A stupid move that would loose customers.
Just my opinion.
Thank you Stacy.
The recall letter if I get it will not be my first. It will be my first from Chevy.
If or when I get a letter from Chevy telling me my Cruze has been recalled I promise to;
Remove my wife from the Cruze. She loves it and talks of it like she used to talk of the 1992 Euro Sport.
Take letter and Cruze to my dealer and let them do whatever to the Cruze.
This recall don't worry me none.
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