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CNN Says Recall for Engine Shields and Inspect Welds in Rear compartment

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We all known about the "oil spill" fires. They will be modifing our engine shields. What I didn't know is that some cars may have "incomplete" welds in the rear compartments. Anybody heard of that before?

Recall letters will start going out from GM in July.
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NHTSA recall documents

I don't know if this has been posted yet (due to the multiple threads) but Recalls Documents | | NHTSA and Recalls Documents | | NHTSA have documents related to the recall, but not the procedure.

Usually a document search on NHTSA's site includes the procedures, at least it has for Nissans. Maybe that will be coming later.
Perhaps the 2013 Models coming out in January will have the new factory panel installed. I will wait till then to see if GM will have this panel to be added to the recalled models. They just may redo the current mold panel and make it so. Cutting the ones they have now and making new panels that need to be cut will become very costly. It will be cheaper to have the dealers just add the new design panel instead of making cuts that may cause other problems.:)
It may not be practical to provide everyone w/a new panel.

There may not be enough manufacturing capacity to get everyone a new panel in a timely manner. During the whole Toyota sticky pedal SUA debacle, it was known that CTS (the pedal supplier) had nowhere near the manufacturing capacity to produce replacement pedals in the quantities needed in a timely fashion. It was much cheaper and easier for Toyota to put in a metal shim to correct the issue. For those who weren't satisfied w/the pedal feel, IIRC, they could order a new one.

Denso was the other pedal supplier but it was a totally different design and they weren't compatible w/the affected cars.

(If one's curious about the metal shim fix I'm talking about, see and
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