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Hey Everyone. This has been racking my brains for the last week and was hoping someone could shed some light and get me out of this mess.
Its a 1.8 petrol Cruze JG and recently blew a coolant line, overheating the engine and the owner had driven it a fair way to the mechanic whilst overheated. The coolant line has been replaced but the temperasture gauge would shoot irratically to "Hot" then returns back to operating temp.
Currently, the car is barely able to start. It will crank over and eventually start up, running at about 600rpm and (obviously) very rough idle. No acceleration when pressing the pedal. OBD2 scanner reads P2096 Post Catalyst Fuel Trim System Too Lean Bank 1.
"Pending codes" (not quite sure what this means) P0301 Cylinder 1 misfire detected.
Live data as follows (when the engine manages to start):

Fuel system staus bank 1: OL, not ready CL
Fuel system status bank 2: N/A
Calculated load (%): 78.4
Coolant temp (C): 49
S.T Fuel trim B1 (%): -0.0
L.T fuel trim B1 (%): -100.0
Intake M.A.P (kPa): 75
Engine Speed (RPM): 572
Ignition timing (degrees): -4.5
Intake air temp (C): 37
Throttle position (%): 14.5
O2S B1S1 (V): 0.430
O2S B1S1 STF (%): -0.0
O2S B1S2 (V): 0.425
O2S B1S2 STF (%): 99.2
Fuel level input (%): 20.4
VPWR (V): 12.0
LOAD_ABS (%): 0.0
EQ_RAT: 0.000
TP_R (%): 7.8
TP_B (%): 13.7
APP_D (%): 20.0
APP_E (%): 20.0
TAC_PCT (%): 2.0

Please, any help would be much appreciated.

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