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Cold Start Issue

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This morning I had issues starting my Cruze in 15 degree (F) temperatures... I'm only asking because this is the first time it's done this in cold weather (I've started it in lower temperatures without issues) and just wondering if this was because my car is getting older, sign of something going bad, or just normal operation.

The first time I started it, it took a couple extra seconds to crank. Once the engine started, the check engine and low tire indicator light flashed. The screen behind the steering wheel (with the odometer, speedometer, etc.), and radio didn't turn on. I let it run for about 30 seconds and it shut it off.

The second time, it still took a couple extra seconds to crank. The display behind the steering wheel came on, as did the radio. Blinker sound didn't work.The check engine and low tire indicator light no longer flashed, but the tire pressures didn't register an amount on the display. I shut the car off after a minute or two of checking everything.

The third time, it took a little less time to crank. Display behind the steering wheel came on, but the radio did not come on automatically (but I was able to turn it on with the power button knob). No flashing lights on the dash, no blinker sound. After checking everything, I decided to drive.

About 15 minutes into my drive,fter the car had a chance to warm-up, my radio shut off, and the steering wheel radio controls wouldn't work. Once I got to work (about 10 minutes later), I shut the car off and turned it back on again, and the radio did come on when the car started.

My Cruze is 2011 LS with 110,000 miles on it ,and have had the car since May 2013. It's going to the dealer for an oil change on Saturday. Not sure if I should mention the issues, or this was nothing to worry about. A coworker said it could be signs of the battery failing....

Thank you!
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Bad battery. Replace it today.
Bad battery. Replace it today.
This sounds more like the negative cable flaking out considering the ongoing problems once the car was already running.

Special coverage 14311; Chevrolet will replace the negative cable for free for random electrical problems. Have the battery tested as well.
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