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Get a Silverado. You will not regret it. Better bang for your buck, especially when the bonus tag events come around.

Quote from someone I know who is a Colorado owner who debated getting the diesel:

"Here is my line of thinking. The VW Vs EPA issue, the $3,700 premium, the cost of Diesel, DEF and the rest of the "Greenies" BS.

I know, I will bet money on it. GM will make you feel guilty for having a Diesel and because is a such a commodity the dealer will jack up the price of the vehicle on top of the $3,700+ premium on the engine. Also, need to include the cost of DEF that you need to add when is need it. On top of that, the 20 cents or more cost on Diesel fuel. What other hidden crap might be next? Beside, the gain is few more MPGs and 600 Lbs more towing capacity. When we bought my wife's Beetle we felt in love with the TDI. VW added some crap called "Market Adjustment", no cash back bonus, no discount and high finance interest rate. The vehicle was $32,000 the same vehicle and the difference was the Gasoline Audi Engine was $22,000. Did not take much to figure that one out. Will take over 10 years (at 07 fuel prices) to get your money back, by then, the vehicle will be traded."
I'm not to sure the added cost of getting the diesel would be worth it, you'd have to do some number crunching. Keep in mind the 5.3L Silverado runs regular fuel which is currently $1.87 where I'm at. Diesel is $2.49. Plus you have the added cost of DEF. And regens...

I'd love to see a graph comparing the costs over time of the two. I'm sure the gas motor would be cheaper or break even. If it's break even, the premium you paid for the diesel is useless.

Not to mention reliability. 5.3L's are proven. GM's diesels, well look at the Cruze diesel and the issues people have had on here. Lol

He does like his Colorado though:

"As far the truck in overall. Is not too small, not too big. The V6 can scoot and gets a decent fuel mileage for a truck. Speed is your enemy; MPGs drops like lead balloon. The sweet spot is about 65 to 70 MPH to get around 23 MPGs. The Bose system is not worth the extra coin. The one bellow it, has all the same features except for Sat Nav. If you have a phone, you have Sat Nav. There is another nice feature that will be added and is some called "Projection". A software push via OnStar to enable Android and Apple phones to display their screen on the touch screen via USB cable. So is even better to skip the Sat Nav.

The rest is pretty standard GM power everything. The seating is limited to few adjustments. They have heated seats, not really worth to have with cloth seats, so you can take that one off; nice to have but not a must have.

The engine is low maintenance but if you need to do some there is plenty elbow room.

The rear view camera is cheap, do not expect crystal clear view but is adequate. Dirt and water gets on the fish eye lens and covers the image. My truck does not have proximity radar but has the red, yellow, green lines on the rear view."
Test drive both. You would be surprised how good the 5.3L engine is. We have a 2015 Tahoe and we got 27 MPG once on a trip. That's in a 6000 LB SUV.

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