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Common Issues and Fixes for 2014-2015 Cruze Diesel

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I finally got around to putting this together. Please post any corrections/additions below. I am going for common issues here, not things that just pop up once randomly.

Symptoms: Could be a DEF Quality poor message (P20EE) but usually a code (P21DD) for the DEF heater. Sometimes these messages are related to each other. The P21DD is more definitive.
Solution - DEF Tank Reservoir Heater – Replacement part number 23377881 (replaces 22978800). Update: In my case, it gave the DEF quality poor message but the CEL never actually lit up. You can also get a P20B9 code, but that usually only comes after one of the other codes or the def quality poor message have already reared their heads. There is an extended warranty on this 10years 120K miles. Note that it can take up to 100 miles after replacement for the error to clear!

Symptom: P0133 code (O2 sensor bank one slow response)
Solution: Most commonly there is a fuel trim update that can be done to prevent the sensor from getting sooted up in the first place. Sometimes it's not necessary to replace the sensor. You can get away with just cleaning it. Could also be caused by a few other things. Some have reported that issues with the EGR or EGR plate could cause this. Others have reported that loose intake clamps could cause this. (See post below for more details).

Symptom: Pop sound followed by loss of power, rough running, strong smell of diesel fumes, visible smoke. Check engine light may or may not appear. Note: So far this has only happened on cars with over 150K miles.
Solution: Most likely your intercooler pipe has cracked. Top, right, rear of the engine as you facing the car. Part number is 95472182 for the intercooler pipe. Some have reported this also causing damage to other related components, but only with extended driving in the broken condition.

Symptom: P20E4 code (Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor 2/3 Correlation Bank 1)
Solution: Further diagnosis must be done to determine if it’s sensor number 2 or number 3 causing the issue. EGT3 Part number is 55581034 and EGT2 is 55581035

Symptom: Your car displays a message that says “DPF Full Keep Driving” (or something like that) followed by “Engine Power Reduced”. Most likely you have interrupted a “pre-regen”.
Solution: Unfortunately, you will need to go to the dealer for a manual DPF regen. See this post for how to prevent:

Symptom: P11D7 NOx Sensor 2 Performance - Sensing Element Status Signal
Solution: Replacement of the NOx sensor, but sometimes the code will clear itself. This can also be caused by the exhaust flange bolt mentioned below. Some good info in post 46 here:

Symptom: Any number of random codes
Solution: The exhaust flange bolts under the middle of the car are prone to corrosion and snapping off. Getting these replaced along with the gasket as a preventative measure is a good idea, mainly if you live in a northern climate where salt is used on the roads. Procedure to fix is here:

Symptom: Any number of random codes
Solution: A common issue is that the intake hose clamps work themselves loose over time (or come loose from the factory) allowing for unmetered air. Procedure to check is here:

Symptom: Failure to start, any number of weird electrical gremlins, failure of transmission to shift out of 1st gear
Solution: Most likely, it's the battery. The factory battery only seems to last about 2 years in these cars. Another thing, if you've not had your negative battery cable replaced, do so. It's an extended warranty item up to 10 years, 120K miles. More about the cable is here:

Symptom: P11DC after the NOx Sensor 1 and reprogram emissions recall. The theory is that the parameters set in the ECU reprogramming are too tight and throw a P11DC code which isn't really a valid code. This can also cause DEF Quality Poor message. More info here:
Update on the above - the recall has been recalled. More info here:
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That is the year of my Chevy Cruze Diesel. If I had it all to do over again, I would NOT purchase a Chevy Cruze Diesel, again. As it is, I'm out of warranty, and out of luck, when it comes to all these **** emission sensors throwing CEL codes. Buyer beware.
Are you over 120K Miles? No, then you are still covered for the DEF Tank and probably the sensors.
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Hopefully you have documentation of your visits. Have you directly contacted GM Support with complaints? I don't drop below 30MPG even when I am stop and go around town.
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