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How much money do you funnel into your Cruze for repairs that Chevy should've repaired under recall?

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Coolant Leak from hose under exhaust manifold; active leaking, driver's side, 2013 1.4T 100K miles

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Good afternoon, cruze-talk teammates! After replacing almost all parts of the coolant system from reservoir, to hoses, to water pump, I still have an active leak coming out of a hose/coupling underneath the exhaust manifold and heat shield on the driver's side front of the engine. It leaks constantly, more when the hose is moved, and worse when system is under pressure. I can't seem to find the part number on any GM schematics, as the hose isn't listed as part of the coolant system... odd, right?

Here's a picture:

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As you can see, the overspray has baked on the various bolts and hoses. The dripping/spraying is right where the metal crimp coupling attaches to the metal pipe to the left of the red arrow. I can usually get 3-4 days of driving on a full coolant reservoir, but ultimately, I'd like to fix this more than buy more coolant weekly.

Any help would be much-appreciated!
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