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Coolant leak. Help diagnose!🙏🏻

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2013 1.4 100k

I'm starting to get scared to open the hood. Every time I open it I find another leak LOL

Please help diagnose!

I'm not sure why it would be leaking. The hose looks intact. It's leaking from the top of the hose where it's clamped down. Maybe the plastic pipe is cracked underneath the hose I'm not sure I haven't tried to pull it off yet. Maybe somebody has had the same thing and can point me in the right direction.


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Do yourself a favor and get the one piece Dorman upper tank hose. They call it the “air bleed” hose. It eliminates the goofy plastic clip and extra seam on the factory hose. You just pull the spring clip out of the top of the water outlet and put the new hose in and replace the clip. Just make sure you pull the old o ring out of the nipple. It will probably want to stay behind. I got mine from Autozone.
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Thanks for the tip. Ordered the dorman hose. Was not aware of the upgrade. AutoZone wanted $30. Found it on Amazon for 18$ listed as
(Dorman 626-609 Engine Heater Hose Assembly Compatible with Select Chevrolet Models)
Yes, that is it! I paid a little extra for mine because I didn’t want to wait for it to come in. Autozone had it in stock and the weather was turning colder. I’m glad I replaced it when I did.
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Yes, just pull the metal spring clip out of the water outlet and remove the nipple. Make sure you get the o ring out as well. That nipple is part of the new one piece Dorman hose. When you are pulling the factory hose, you don’t even have to mess with the stupid plastic clip. When you pull the metal clip the whole thing will come out in one piece. This new design eliminates the extra seam and potential spot for a leak.
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