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HI all, I have a 2011 1.8 cruze. recently it started leaking coolant at the thermostat housing, so I picked up a new seal from what I have read this seems to be a common problem. So trying to do the job quick, I removed the 4 bolts holding the thermostat housing on and pulled it back far enough that I could get the old seal out. I could easily see that the old seal was not installed properly by the dealer who had at one point changed my thermostat under warranty. I got the old one out and slid the new one in and bolted it back down. so that leak seems to be resolved, but now I have created an even worse leak and this one is dripping down the exhaust, looks like it is coming from underneath the oil filter. the only coolant lines close to there is the hard line from the pump to the thermostat housing, but I can't see it dripping from there, just see it down below the oil filter housing. did I screw up by not taking the hard line off originally and crack it or something? Any other ideas where this could be coming from? How do I go about removing the hard line to inspect it, do I have to remove whole thermostat housing and water pump now?

Any thought/comments would be greatly appreciated as I don't want start tearing into this without some advice first.

Thanks in advance
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