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Coolant level

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Could someone please show me where the coolant should be cold on the 2011 cruze 1lt.

This is what the owners manual says:

"Fill the coolant surge tank withthe proper DEX-COOL coolant
mixture to the indicated
level mark"

But then does not tell you what is the indicated level mark. I see the arrow so I am assuming it should be somewhere in that area.

Thanks in advance.
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There is an arrow pointing to the top rib on the coolant tank. Top of the arrow is the "cold" full point. The arrow is on the front two corners.
thanks just looked and the level is at the bottom of the head of the arrow.
This is what I got at the store tonight to top the coolant off.

Prestone® DEX-COOL® 50/50 Prediluted Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant | Prestone®

What is ironic is on the instructions tab the drawing has hot and cold level marks.
Do any of the GM products have hot cold marks on the expansion tanks?
I guess that would make too much sense. Every car I have owned had either hot cold marks or low full marks. This isn't the rocket science folks.
Bottom of the arrow is fine. I agree with you that there should be a low cold and high cold mark on the car, but there isn't.
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