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Coolant loss and other issues with 2015 Cruze ECO.

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I had 2012 Cruze ECO and liked it except for recalls and problem with loss of Antifreeze and Antifreeze smell. I worked with 2 dealers about a year with many parts replaced and had to trade it off. Well I bought a new 2015 Cruze ECO and the first oil change the Antifreeze was down about 4 onces and every oil change after that it is about 8 onces low and I'm still trying to get dealer and GM to acknowledge the problem. I think all ECO and 1.4 turbos use antifreeze because in certain modes the programming allows the engine to get ovet 240 deg and boil. However dealer doesn't know how it works and I can't get anyone technical from GM to talk to me. I have programming parameters that could fix the problem. ( no noone has talked to me in the 2 years having these issues and asking) unfortunately I have other issues also. The Navi still reads off and locks up sometimes. My steering sticks when going down the road and jerks when it releases. Gas mileage does not get 42mpg as my 2012 was over this. Buzzing noise from under hood after stopped. Finally oil level too high (above hatch marks) and no one to define dip stick markings. Wow I have the same problems plus more on my new 2015 Cruze. I have seen these same problems repeatedly in the forum. This is a shame because the Cruze had a chance to challenge Civic and Corolla but if GM can't improve on known issues and quality the sales will die off like other models.
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Not only I, but my kids as well had nothing but problems with oil changes, so we are all doing it ours self's now, but is a major problem if you live in an apartment complex. Somebody gets upset if you even clean your windshield. How about using a container that was used for coolant with a half an inch in the bottom, and exactly what kind of oil are they pouring into it, and are they even changing the filter. Can't even torque the oil filter cap or the drain plug.

Can't get any more basic with cooling system problems simply by pressuring the system at 30 PSI, pressure gauge will not stay steady, just look for the leaks.

Ha, just posted in another section, was told by three Chevy dealers to trade my Cruze in for a new one. If you can't repair this one under warranty, what guarantee would I have if I purchased a new one?

You sure have answered this question.
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