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I'm running out of ideas. Coolant not circulating.
I will try to explain the quickest I can.
I will start by saying hindsight is 2020.
My car ran hot a few times . Asked around and some ole timers said take the thermostat out.
We did and I'm sure you know how well that worked.:cautious:
The thermostat housing also cracked in the process.
So we replaced and still ran hot..
Not instantly. The water in the overflow tank kept steaming horribly.
I didn't have a option to not drive it if I could bring water and wait for everything to cool I did.
Horrible I know .

Car started to lack power and became undrivable.. I parked it and basically here we are now.

I put head gasket sealer in it..
With it having the circulation issues I manually pushed on the water hose to and from the radiator to try to keep the water moving..

That's when I thought bad water pump.
Replaced that.
Had oil in the first spark plug on the passenger side.
Changed sparkplugs..

So I have a new thermostat and housing also the second thermostat in the radiator replaced.
I checked the fuses .
I flushed and burped all the air from the system.

Sometimes I'll start it and the radiator fan turns on. And sometimes it doesn't.
Before I start my car it reads the AC turned off message.

Iit runs for a minute or two fine . Then it starts to idle horribly. I will rush to kill it or it will die before I get a chance. ..

I see a small amount of smoke coming from the intake sensor I believe.

It's the back one by the valve cover in top by the timing belt area..I think it's call the cam sensor solenoid. in my opinion this isn't the reason for my issues just a problem causes by it.

Advice please . Thank you very in advance

2015 Cruze 1.4L engine 6 speed AT
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Well, I suggest that you read up on our cooling system issues. There are literally hundreds of post on them. :eek:
I feel sorry for you, so here we go.
I'll just address things as they are stated in your post.

Coolant not circulating.
I doubt this is or was the case. If you have coolant/water in the system your going to have flow. This leads me to my #1 question that over arches all your comments, how did you determine most of it?
My car ran hot a few times
This my have killed your car. 90% of Cruze cooling issues are from a leak in the system.
thermostat housing also cracked in the process.
So we replaced and still ran hot..
Of course, the leak hasn't been fixed.
water in the overflow tank kept steaming horribly.
Yup, this is the big thing 95% of people don't understand. The cooling system thermostat opens at about 220F, and the system is designed to run at 230F -ish. If you have a coolant leak the system CAN NOT pressurize. Therefore .........
the radiator fan turns on. And sometimes it doesn't.
Because water/coolant at atmospheric pressure CANNOT get hotter than 212F. So if a fan that is supposed to come on at 230F, how can it if the water is only 212F?
Sorry to be a truth bomb on a Sunday, but there are so many things your cadre doesn't understand.
Assuming ( a big assumption) that the head isn't warped and or head gasket blown, here are some general tips.

1. Only use GM OE parts. Aftermarket thermostats and sensors are notorious for not functioning properly.
2. Get a ODB2 scan tool, you can get a perfectly functional one for $20. The car's gauges, warnings, and messages are not meant for troubleshooting, and they can also be very misleading.
3. Get a thermal spy gun, this will give you a positive indication for temperature and therefore flow. And these also cost about $20.
4. Always, always keep the reservoir level filled. Running low or out of coolant means engine death.
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