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Cooling fan cycling on high with a/c on. Is this normal??

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New cruze owner here. I have a 2011 ls 1.8. When I turn on the a/c my fan cycles on high on and off. Is this normal or what's wrong? My wife has a 2013 cruze 1.4 and it don't do this. So I don't think it's right. Any ideas why it's doing it? The car don't run hot and coolant level is good. It only does it when the a/c is on. Please help, I don't really want to take it to dealer. I also have NO engine lights or codes showing up. Any ideas? Thanks
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Pop the hood while the AC is running - is the fan switching from low speed to high or just high to off?

If it's going to high speed, have the AC refrigerant pressures checked - it kicks to high speed if the engine coolant temperature is getting too high (you can monitor this via the DIC - 2011 models should have the digital temperature readout) - or if the condensor high-side pressure is getting too high. Could be a large build-up of crud on the front of the condensor as well that just needs to be washed off with a hose.
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