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Cooling Fan inoperative following evac/recharge using ACR2000 machine. Test results

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1. 2011 LT 1.4L Turbo Automatic
2. 84,000
3. NO DTCS Present
4. Cooling Fan
5. Cooling fan inoperative after A/C evac and recharge. System is at 1.38Lb but due to cooling fan inop, manifold pressures @ 75/275+ (and climbing) with A/C on. Fan motor is verified good with direct voltage, Cooling fan system relays test good with direct voltage (all five) and fuses are good. PCM shows varying command percentage to fan, but no operation. No cooling system symptoms. Verified full of coolant, ECT Normal. Aside from wiring, or some missing command function (fan module perhaps?) Im scratching my head here. It should be working...
7. LHD

Lastly, please be patient and polite! All the folks on this board are doing this in their spare time for free, so we might not be able to reply immediately.
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The cooling fan relays are controlled by the ECM, can you command them on and off with a scan tool?
I havent. I could, on monday. I was trying to beat a deadline of tonight to get this thing out. A few months ago I tranfered from GM to Chrysler within the same dealership. No more access to GM Service Inforfmation. :/
What happened when you directly applied voltage to the relays? Did the fan respond appropriately? It seems like the most common problem is the fan looses the low and middle speeds. When things get bad enough, "hi" will be commanded and the fan will enter "jet mode". The problem is most likely the resistor module, but it's part of the fan and has to be ordered/replaced as an assembly.
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Typically all vehicles with electric radiator fans are switched on when the AC is switched on. This tread gave me a question, when I switch on the AC sure can't hear that fan, but can hear the compressor running.

So I started my Cruze with the hood opened, then switched on the AC, yes the fan started to run in low speed, kind of quiet in that low speed.

Know working on this newer stuff with all these wires, sensors, plastic parts, have to be darn careful when doing anything under the hood, way to easy to bump something and break it off. Referring to back then when you opened the hood and found a huge hunk of iron.

Also use to use relay logic for AC, this could be traced, now today all guesswork as to what that BCM is doing, can't even give a description of what its suppose to do. Those three speed relays, made in China are in that fuse/relay box, but fired by the BCM.

Would take a very close look under the engine compartment and see if anything was knocked off.

Another thing you don't do is to disconnect any connectors when the circuit is hot, if an inductive load, and fire back a spark and blow that low voltage circuitry to pot. Old V-4 compressor was all mechanical, one in the Cruze is electronically controlled. Does give finer control, but also a heck of a lot easier to break.
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