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time finally came to replace the tires on 2012 2LT auto (got about 50K out of the factory tires and needed to replace them prior to snow hitting this winter).

For those that care about such things, I am from Central Illinois and have had quite a bit of time in the snow and ice with this tire. (replaced them just before christmas)

I wanted to get some LRR tires and the person at sears said these would fit the bill. Turns out he lied (or was mistaken) and these are not LRR tires. My gas mileage is down, but its also winter so hard to tell if it is from the tires, cold weather, winter gas or snow/ice. Basically all I know at this point is my gas mileage did not noticably increase so I will call them even or a slight drop from the 2lt factory tires from a mileage standpoint. Will be able to give you a more informed statment about mileage when/if spring finally arrives and temps start to increase.

From a traction standpoint - my old tires were shot but even when new were ok at best in the snow. (not worth pulling off early, but really not what I would recommend for a tire to use in a midwest winter. The Coopers seem to give very good traction on snow and ice and really seem to work well. Obviously I am not hot rodding in those kind of conditions, but they do not break loose easily and seem to work fine for normal driving.

From a comfort standpoint - this is where the tires really stand out. They are very comfortable to drive on (even at 42psi in the winter) - also they are super quiet and make the car a even more of a joy to drive for long distances. (my work is about 50min to an hour each way every day almost all at highway or interstate speeds)

Conclusion - for a decent avg cost tire (paid about $560 out the door for 4 tires with free rotations, and tire warrantee) the tires seem really nice. They drive great and while a little dissapointed in the mileage, it has been hard to decide if the tires are really the culprite here (since Jan/Feb seem to be low mileage months for me anyway and I will have to wait for warmer weather to really make a decision one way or the other on that front)

I would give them 4 out of 5 stars. (very good comfort and noise, decent in Ice and Snow, lose a point for no increase and possible slight decrease in mileage.)

Any questions, just ask,

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