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Copart auction

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Is there anybody in the Houston area that can take a look and give interested bidders an idea of mileage and condition?
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Salvage title flood car CTD. I’d offer $50 cash. Then part it out.

CTDs are finicky enough already. Let alone with flood damage and a salvage title that means virtually no dealer support.

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Fifty Bucks? I'll offer $75 right now if you can bring it to me, heck $100!
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I'm leery about that water line. It's high enough to have damaged a lot of electronics. The interior shots look clean, so maybe it didn't get in. That's going to be the big gamble. I don't like the fact they weren't able to "turn it on" to get the mileage.

'Ya feeling lucky?
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I would just run away from flood damage. The people who buy them will try and resell them for top dollar while doing minimal work. It should be illegal because whoever buys it is generally oblivious and flood damage can take a long time to show....
Too many of these cars are what you call 'deep water flood cars'.
If they can't get the instruments to light up with a jumper pack on the battery, the water was probably over 2' deep, and in the case of Houston, it retained that depth for days.
And, I suspect the water was salty or at least brackish, in addition to being dirty.

Sometimes the best use of a flood car is stripping it to a bare chassis and rebuilding a crashed car inside the flood body, after carefully cleaning and possibly re-rustproofing it. I mean totally strip it, don't retain wiring, door window regulators, anything.
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I guess the question was if you wanted to part out or not...
That interior definitely got wet, they just did an amazing job cleaning it. No car is sealed up that tight to prevent water that high from coming in.
Highlights: Enhanced Vehicles

This means they prepped it for sale before they took the pictures.
Enhancing can be something minor, like removing the bumper plastic so you can see the underlying damage, or it can be something major, like replacing the seats and carpet (unlikely but possible) so that a deep water flood car looks like minor water damage.
If you really want to build your own CTD, look here:
I did not see what the winning bid was. I did find out that it was left over dealer stock that had 49 miles on it. I bet that dealer strategically parked that CTD before the Caine hit.
I did not see what the winning bid was. I did find out it was left over dealer stock that had 49 miles on it. I bet the dealer strategically parked that CTD before the Caine hit.
I set up a cell phone to record the auction.
Some scammer called the phone and the video recording application was disengaged. I didn't know that could happen when the camera app had the screen locked.

Are you saying that was a brand new 2014 car?
You could be right. says it was still advertised for sale in April 2015 and it was titled last month with 51 miles on it.

Funny that I guessed it took about 2' of water to kill the computers, and then I saw a high water mark written on the side of the car that looked like 20-24". I guess that's better than some I've seen, during the flood I saw a picture of a parking lot with water nearly to the windows of the cars.
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