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So fresh and so clean!

Descriptive Thread Title: Cruze of the Month for April Submission, '11 Cruze Eco
Name: Mike S
Location: Bristow, VA
Car Info: 2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco
Stock Options: XM, onStar, Connectivity and Cruise Package
Modifications: Backseat hammock cover for cruising with my dog... Custom scratch in center console in front of gear shifter from putting it in gear with key in same hand.
Future plans: Class I Hitch ordered, going to use it to lug around my mountain bikes on the Thule hitch rack
Other info: 6-Speed manual transmission, fun to drive, just under 1k miles on it.

EDIT: So I took the "Year make and model BE DESCRIPTIVE" out of the thread name, previewed before posting and it re-inserted it, and I obviously didn't proof read the subject part. DOH!
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