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Count down to death

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Got a message 85 miles to 65 mph max service exhaust fluid system. 166000 miles and been trouble free other than a EGR valve around 52000 miles . So of to the dealer see what they say the diagnosis is.
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Hmmm, fix DEF...$1300
Delete and tune...$1xxx
Buy a used tank from somebody who deleted...$xxx?
Or, maybe GM will step up and say "we're sorry those tank heaters were defective"...

Definitely don't buy a new one with your own money, I found five "Exhaust Fluid Tanks" on for $100-219.
There's one in Toledo for $175:
Exhaust Fluid Tank
Chevy Cruze
DIESAL EMISSION REDUCTION FLUILD BOTTLE(BLUE STUFF),W/PUMPAW00120$175Westwood Auto And Truck Parts MIDW USA-OH(Toledo) Request_Quote 800-720-1116 / 419-535-1116 Request_Insurance_Quote

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12662659 Oxygen Sensor Rear Nox Sensor

ACDELCO 12662659 {#12641557} GM Original Equipment Info

Category: NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) Sensor

If they can't work with you on that you might want to pay them for the diagnosis and replace the sensor yourself, provided it really needs the sensor. Which NOx sensor comes with the recall, anyway?

EDIT: I'm glad GM came through for you. I'll leave this up in case anybody else needs rear NOx sensor prices. Always remember to never buy anything big from Rock without a 5% discount code.
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