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A new wrinkle cropped into my searching tonight... I found a couple NEW Cruze Diesel's for only about $1000 more than the low mileage CPOs I was looking at (granted around 8-10 hours away). I also saw some 20k miles CPOs in the $14,000s...

Knowing what you guys know and have experienced with the cars as well as your dealer and Chevy new vehicle purchases what is your opinion at NEW vs CPO with less than 3000 miles? And what about saving $5000 to go with a 20-30k mile CPO.

Technically the new ones have 3/36 B2B warranty and 5/100 powertrain while a CPO has balance of new B2B + 12/12 B2B and the balance of 5/100 powertrain so the CPOs actually have a better warranty... Both new and CPO have 2/24 maintenance included as well.

Any other CPO buyers here, what were your buying experiences and CPO warranty experiences?

Sorry for so many of these type of questions but I am trying to make up my mind about buying a Cruze Diesel or sticking with my old VW TDI until it drops then getting something else later on down the road...
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