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Crash of a 2015 Cruze

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Hello guys,

My name is Daniel and my fianc茅e has this car is a 2015 Cruze LT. Sadly she was involved in car accident, nothing to really worry about but her front bumper which to me is not really that bad. Now I have been looking for this front bumper for a short of time but it seems that the 2015 Cruze does not have a really good amount of options. She has a red cruze and I've been looking but nothing comes on. I called some guys because they had the exact model that I was looking for but they told me that it was going to be really expensive the bumper was $195 but the guys said that because of shipping it was going to be $150 more without grilles. He suggested to go the dealer and asked. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Chevrolet Hood
this is how the car looks. Can somebody help me please? I don't really know where to go I have called a few junkyards trying some luck but nothing actually comes. the best was a black new bumper for $195
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Well I asked her about that. I don't really know what was the deal with her insurance. I think she does not want to use it.
Well I asked her about that. I don't really know what was the deal with her insurance. I think she does not want to use it.
What is she hoping to save by not using it? Unless you know the cost is going to be minimal and you know all the damage, the insurance will ensure the car is fixed
properly and what are you paying for full coverage for if you don't use it? Believe me, trade off is not worth it. I know I know you are going to save your insurance
rates from going up! Unless you are a perfect driver and never had an incident in your life it truly won't matter much! Take it from me I have wrecked just about everything I have
Have you checked with a dealer? They may have some shipping tricks that would make them the better buy after factoring in shipping.

Looks like you've got some hood damage too.
That's at least 2000 in damage. I would file a claim.
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Yeah, on a 2015 why not make a claim. It's not like it's a beater lol

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Painted front fascia

The paint might be slightly different, but close enough in a pinch
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