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What about raising ten kids and having as many as five dogs at a time? Then with as many as ten pups to care and clean up, but nearly as bad as cleaning and feeding 75 cows.

So lets get back to your fuel gauge, totally independent of either the fuel pump, just the fuel sender. And also completely independent of your fuel used, miles left, and instant or average miles per gallon. Also independent of that low fuel light that is a separate thermistor at near the bottom of the tank. When that light comes on, tells you if have two gallons left. Not good for that to come on or even drive with a near empty tank, fuel pump is dependent on gas in the tank for cooling.

In my book a quarter full tank is an empty tank.

With the DIC displays information is fed in by the tach, Vss, and the injector dwell into a computer algorithm. With the fuel gauge, starts off with the sender, can't say much about that, used to be far more reliable self cleaning nichrome wire wound rheostat. That has been replaced by a ten cent thick film resistor with super tiny contact tabs. And far susceptible to moisture and ethanol damage. And to replace it, the tank has to be drained and removed. Could have added a cheap access plate.

And this variable resistance data goes into the BCM with flashram firmware that has a lookup table to improve accuracy, then since this data is digital at this point, converted to analog with an A to D converter, through an amplifier that finally drives the meter.

Yes there is room for error and can be any of these components. Then if you dealer hired a mechanic good at changing mufflers, he may be just a tad too short of knowledge to find the exact cause. But at least should be familiar enough to replace all this stuff. That is how vehicles are repaired today. But heaven help you when the warranty runs out.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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