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I actually had almost the same thing happen the other day(had to pass a dodge driving slow in the fast lane), after the hill when it went down to a 2 lane road he got within inches of my bumper. I was going 62mph in a 55mph zone so its not like I was driving slow.

Less than a mile down the road someone's loose dog jumps out in front of me and I had to jam on my brakes. Looking in my mirror I could see he was going to eat the back of my car, so I choose to aim for the dog/ditch/gravel shoulder & I could see him cranking it toward the center line. I missed the dog but that dodge wasn't so lucky, his entire bed of his truck was full of lawn equipment and tools, I think most of his crap ended up all over the highway when he was sideways.

I bet that guy thinks i brake checked him, as he was following so close there is no way he saw that dog.
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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