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Crazy things that have happened to you while driving your Cruze

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Well I'll start this off with ride home yesterday. A Turbo Diesel Truck is driving in the passing lane going up a 2 lane hill at a relatively low speed. Me and some other cars were in the right-lane and just went around him because he wouldn't move. Well he must have picked me to hate because when I got to the top of the hill where it goes down to 1 lane, I saw black smoke behind me.. he gunned it probably between 85-100 to get up to me and then tried to cut me off. I held my ground and he had to get behind me. Then of course he is riding my butt..I drove normal.. then there is a short two-lane section up another hill. I figure he will just blow past me and that will be the end of it. Nope.. he continue to ride my butt then back off then ride it so I drop her down and pass the few cars and get back in my lane. It's a 45mph zone.. I ended at about 62.. look to my left.. Cop Car sitting just off the road in a nice hiding spot. I figured I would get pulled over but then I look back again and see the truck doing like 100 and passing in the oncoming lane. Then I see the cop lights light up. So I slow down and the truck catches up to me and we are going down the hill now.. His wife or whatever points out the window laughing at me like I'm going to get a ticket and then passes me. So here comes the cop.. I wait to see who he wants.. He stayed in their lane and picked them.. but it isn't over yet.. Now they know it is them so they slam on the brakes and cut into my lane.. I had to almost come to a complete stop.. the cop had to slam on his breaks too.. so I back off and let the cop go ahead and pull them over. As I drive by they yell at me and I just wave. I figured while "I" felt I had a reason to pass the cars.. "to get some distance from the nutjob".. the cop saw the bigger Ahole of the two. One who was doing 15 over.. or one that was doing 50 over and causing danger to the vehicles he cut off and could have had a head-to-head accident with.
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Beeped at a van yesterday who didn't notice the light turn green and sat there for a good bit. I guess she didn't like it because she flipped me the bird in her rearview mirror! People make me laugh

I've also been the target lately of people who love to ride people's asses.

I had a girl in a Hyundai ride my ass so bad the other day that, I could only see her windshield. I was in the right lane and traffic was already going about 5-6 mph over the speed limit already. Plus there was another car in front of me and I didn't want to ride their ass just because the person behind me wanted to be a bitch! I try to treat others on the road how I would like to be treated.

Also, I had a motorcycle driver swoop up behind me that following day at a stoplight out of nowhere and decides to be a dumbass. For some reason, I guess he got mad that the traffic wasn't moving as fast as he would've liked and decides to take it out on me since I was the person in front of him. At the next light, he decides to flip on his high-beams and start revving his engine. As the light turns green, he shoots the small gap between my car and the person a little behind me in the right lane and proceeds to stare me down as he speeds by.

I'm sorry but motorcycle drivers (yes, I know not all of them) have to be the most arrogant assholes on the road. I see them all the time, trying to intimidate drivers by speeding up on them and then darting into the next lane as well as speeding in and out of traffic, trying to look cool. They have this invincible attitude and it drives me crazy because if it really came down to it, if car drivers wanted to be assholes in return, our cars could do them a lot more damage than them and their bikes could do to us.

The only reason why I let the ******* motorcycle drivers I actually encounter on the road get away with half the **** they do is because I don't want to be responsible for killing someone on the road even if they are being a complete douchebag and likely deserve it. Also I couldn't likely catch them, lol!
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