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Crazy things that have happened to you while driving your Cruze

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Well I'll start this off with ride home yesterday. A Turbo Diesel Truck is driving in the passing lane going up a 2 lane hill at a relatively low speed. Me and some other cars were in the right-lane and just went around him because he wouldn't move. Well he must have picked me to hate because when I got to the top of the hill where it goes down to 1 lane, I saw black smoke behind me.. he gunned it probably between 85-100 to get up to me and then tried to cut me off. I held my ground and he had to get behind me. Then of course he is riding my butt..I drove normal.. then there is a short two-lane section up another hill. I figure he will just blow past me and that will be the end of it. Nope.. he continue to ride my butt then back off then ride it so I drop her down and pass the few cars and get back in my lane. It's a 45mph zone.. I ended at about 62.. look to my left.. Cop Car sitting just off the road in a nice hiding spot. I figured I would get pulled over but then I look back again and see the truck doing like 100 and passing in the oncoming lane. Then I see the cop lights light up. So I slow down and the truck catches up to me and we are going down the hill now.. His wife or whatever points out the window laughing at me like I'm going to get a ticket and then passes me. So here comes the cop.. I wait to see who he wants.. He stayed in their lane and picked them.. but it isn't over yet.. Now they know it is them so they slam on the brakes and cut into my lane.. I had to almost come to a complete stop.. the cop had to slam on his breaks too.. so I back off and let the cop go ahead and pull them over. As I drive by they yell at me and I just wave. I figured while "I" felt I had a reason to pass the cars.. "to get some distance from the nutjob".. the cop saw the bigger Ahole of the two. One who was doing 15 over.. or one that was doing 50 over and causing danger to the vehicles he cut off and could have had a head-to-head accident with.
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I wasn't in my Cruze but I had my son in the car with me when I was behind a 1 ton truck carrying glass on special racks down each side when one side fell off. It was like a cloud of glistening material completly filled the air in front of us and then settled on all 6 lanes of the road. It was really an amazing sight. I sure am glad it wasn't me that had to clean up about an acre of glass. Nothing except the glass was damaged.
I have noticed in the Manual Trans.. that CC when on a stretch is fine... on inclines is fine.. downhill or slight downhill you can feel it push pull back and forth .. it's like an ex I had that couldn't drive right.. she would put her foot on the gas then off.. instead of just keeping it steady.. drives me nuts. Luckily my Vibe didn't have it so I am pretty good at maintaining speed even without CC on.. :)
I had CC in my 1999 5 speed manual Commodore with the 3800 engine and I haven't found an auto that even comes close to being as good, including my Cruze diesel. That doesn't mean the Cruze is bad, just that the Commodore was better.
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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