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This is all I needed to add cruise to my daughter's Kia Soul base model after I looked into it, the base model has everything she wanted and could afford, next model up with cruise was around $3,000 more that she could not afford and a bunch of other stuff she didn't even want. Does have a good Bluetooth radio and AC.

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15 bucks for the switch, 40 bucks for the harness, didn't even really need the harness, could have soldered in a couple of wires, but wanted to keep it stock.

Gave her these part numbers, her dealer said he couldn't install it, but gave her the address for a $730 aftermarket unit, installed it myself, less than an hour, works perfectly, even the dash lights up for cruise.

Just saying, Chevy is not the only one pushing us into a more expensive model to get they badly needed accessory, but a lot more dirty by requiring you to replace the entire steering wheel. This cost them a small fortune to eliminate this feature, tooling a new steering wheel, but most important, extra inventory. Cost more for inventory than anything else in this field. Talking to a guy that knows all this stuff.

New cars are so quiet, very easy to go a few mph over the speed limit, and since 9/11, tripled the size of our police department, not there to protect us, but to nail us. And if not fully cooperative, may even shoot you. With her older car, daughter didn't have cruise, got two speeding tickets for just going over 4 mph above the speed limit in the same month. That wasn't too bad, but her insurance company skyrocketed her rates by 845 bucks every six months. Just saying, you gotta have cruise.

What I don't like about my Cruze only engages at 23 mph, should engage at 15 mph. So really have to be careful.

Chevy technical section has a whole bunch of info on installing the Cruze LS for cruise, look there.

Just feel that OE's eliminating this feature is downright mean and dirty. With throttle by wire, Vss, a couple of more bits of memory, the switch is all they need to add cruise.
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