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In the USA, the 1.8L automatic has the lowest fuel economy for all cruze models. Your car here would be rated at 21mpg city, 35mpg highway or 27mpg combined average. Real world if your having lots of cold starts(engine not warmed up) and driving mostly city speeds one could expect to see around 12L/100mk(21mpg) with the cruze 1.8L automatic.

Does your car display average speed on the drivers information center? This can help you see if your speed puts you in a more city or highway driving route.

Also you say your driving for economy but remember just because your using a light foot doesn't mean its the most efficient way to drive. With a light foot it could take 20 seconds to reach 48kph, when if you used more brisk acceleration(not floored, just more than a light foot) you reach that speed in less than half the time. This gets you into a more efficient speed range quicker which will save fuel.
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