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You're getting half of what you should be and your dealer says this is normal. For those of us in the US, 12 l/100 km is 21 MPG. 7.5 L/100 KM is 33 MPG. I think the advertised fuel consumption is optimistic as 33 MPG is what the significantly more efficient 1.4T engine in North American ECO MT is rated. 9-10 L/100 KM is realistic based on what I know about the engines in the Cruze, but if you're predominately a city driver you'll burn more fuel (11-12 L/100 KM). The Cruze is heavy so it takes a lot of gas to get going. Also, you didn't say if this was lifetime or just a recent drop in fuel efficiency. If it's the latter, be aware the Cruze looses anywhere from 2 to 10% of it's fuel efficiency in the winter. For more information on the winter fuel economy tips, take a look at

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