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Cruze 1.8 LT Fuel economy issues

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My car is 70k kilometers driven 2010 Cruze 1.8 LT with automatic transmission. The combined fuel consumption should be around 7,8 l/100km, but I'm getting 10-14 l/100km depending how and where I'm driving.

The dealership found nothing and they say that the consumption is quite normal. I think it's a way too high, especially I'm trying to save fuel when driving.

Things what I've checked so far:
- Brakes are working correctly
- Air filter is new and clean
- Intake air temperature sensor has been cleaned (near the air filter housing)
- Tire pressures are ok
- Emissions are ok
- No fault codes

So what would be the next thing to check? O2-sensor? Intake air leak? Where is MAF/MAP located in 1.8 Cruze?

Thanks in advance.
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Obermd said it well.

I have a couple of questions/observations. First of all, if its really cold outside (well below 0 deg C) and you're doing short trips plus driving with a fairly heavy foot or through mountainous terrain, I'd think you'd see fuel consumption in the 10-14 liters/100km range especially with winter-blend gasoline. Do any or all of those factors apply to your situation?

Also, what kind of fuel consumption do you see in warm weather while driving for economy (i.e. steady 100 km/hr, no wind, no A/C, windows up, etc)? It this is in the 8 liters/100 km area, I think the car seems to be okay.

My car (1.4T, 6-spd man) gets about 6-7 liters/100 km is summer and up to about 8 liters/100 km in winter here in Michigan ... a noticeable difference for sure.
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