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I bought Used Cruze with 20,000KM mileage after few days started to have rough idle. At first i thought it's engine mounts but after checking the front and passenger mounts they were in good condition but didn't check the transmission mount. Then discovered I had bad fuel after refueling and using octane booster the car acceleration and fuel economy is much better but still the rough idle then changed spark plugs and they where still red colored but one of them was looking like if its not functioning well because it was cleaner so I will change the ignition coil. what else can make this rough idle and increase when its driven for long time and sometimes throttle paddle vibration on deceleration.

Note: 1-I have checked the car with OBD and there is no error recorded even the economy shows all EGR system green and there is no misfire.
2-The Model is 2012 and the first owner said he parked the car most of the time in the sun. and the car was used only around his area without any long distance
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