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Hello guys, maybe u can help me.

chevy cruze 2.0 2012 wont start, i have tested much things , change high pressure pump, change glow plugs, change glow plug module,
egr completely deactivated in control unit, but the car wont start... i hope u can give me some ideas what i can do. the problem starts after i want change glow plug and spray Glow plug remover. to reach the glow plugs I have agreed the upper part of the egr and the and the rail bar. after this we try to start this car one day later. my girlfriend start that car and that car starts but he turn off the car very fast after 40sec or so and after this the car never start again..when reading out the error the same errors always come he always shows all four glow plugs but these have long been replaced.

Here is a link where we try to start the car maybe this video helps

Chevy cruze 2012 2.0 Diesel wont start pls help

Maybe anyone can help here the car is from my girlfriend an he put so much money in this car... and she wont give up and im too

Sorry for my bad english i was learn english only from gaming.

Have a nice day guys <3
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