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Cruze 2009 - Traction\ABS\Stereo warnings randomly lights up

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I have a 2009 Chevy, and on the last month i'm suffering from random warning lights issue. Sometimes the stereo display just shuts off as well.
The lights goes on and off randomly, and I have no understanding when it can happen.

I went to the local dealership that suggested to replace the ABS controller with a price estimated more than the car worth, but after it I saw other examples on the web that makes me wonder if the dealership diagnosis was accurate

Someone have any experience with this issue, and can shed some light? I really want to get it fixed.

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Hi Milkbauer, first off welcome to the forum but, I presume you are not from the US since the Cruze was not produced here before 2011. Sounds like it could be a symptom of a recall we dealt with with a negative battery cable.
Hi Patman, thanks for your reply!

I'm actually from Israel, and I was not aware that the Chevy Cruze was only produced in 2011 in the states.

So as I've mentioned, this issue is really annoying and the only solution i've got from the dealer was to replace the ABS controller.
Is there a different way you know I can deal with this issue? the ABS replacement cost more than the car worth.
As Patman says, the US-built Cruze had a problem with the negative battery cable causing the symptoms you have mentioned.

Similar problems have been mentioned elsewhere by other Korean-built Cruze owners, and, given that few or none have come back and said, "I changed the negative cable and still have the problem," I would definitely try that first.
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This does not cover your vehicle, but it sure sounds like the issue you are having. I would perform the repair on the one you have or buy a new one to be sure.

Special Coverage #14311: Negative Battery Cable

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So i’ve changed the negative cable, still no luck.
Does anybody have any more ideas?
So i’ve changed the negative cable, still no luck.
Does anybody have any more ideas?
How old is your battery? If it’s 3 years old or older, you may want to replace it.

This car does some strange things like the symptoms you describe when the battery is starting to go out. It will still start fine, but the warning lights will light up intermittently.
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The battery sounds reasonable, but i will hate to replace everything in the car in order to fix this, so im trying to QA it first.

I got the error codes from my car:

Is there a eay to troubleshoot it with this?
Did you find a solution? Having same issue and it’s unfortunately after a shop aligned the car.
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