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Dear All,
merry Christmas and happy new year

I have a very hard problem with my chevy cruze 2010
last week and as every normal working day I took my car and went to work till that point all were great
till I reached work and suddenly the key did not want to get out of the car and then all car features stopped !!

in short I took the car to the car maintenance center and they fixed the BCM for me , as they said,
but I discovered that the left stop/brake light is not working and the front low lamb is also not working

please help what shall I do , shall I just change the BCM which cost a lot of money here in Egypt or there is a way to solve the problem

Kindly also I want to know if there is a sort of button or key / way to operate the BCM after locking the car as they told me in the maintenance center that there is a button in the left bottom of the car that has sort of key to reset the BCM to operate the car
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