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Cruze 2011(1.6) EU install cruise control, but don't work. Any suggestions?

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I replaced a steering wheel from 2010 cruze to my 2011 cruze whit cruise control and i looked in to steering colum and i have all connections (10 pins) on it. I take it to the dealer and just one said that maybe they can program it to work. It's newer been done in my country. what tools do you need to program cars cpu (or main unit or how do they say). I looked at the youtube and for Opel car they just hook the odb to an usb port and run a program and renable a cruise control and save it and it's working. How do they do it in chevy cars?

For opel cars (isn't the cruze have opel engine also?) :

Tnx in advance
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So the 2011 Cruze does not have cruise control so you installed a steering wheel from a 2010 that had cruise control??
Yes. But i was thinking that it's just plug&play like i read on forum but for EU car i think the car cpu does not recognize it so i need to flash it? At the dealership if he would know how to do it :/ That's my guesess
Something about a clock spring for connectivity, works in US made cars, but how are we suppose to know what they are doing in an unspecified country.

I added cruise control to my daughter's 2015 Kia Soul base model, that is all she could afford and were knocking off $3,000 off the MSRP. All it took was a 15 buck cruise control switch at dealers prices, suggested she have her dealer install it, but they said they cannot do it.

Just saying not only do Chevy dealers lie, so do Kia dealers. Just to keep it stock, also laid out another 40 bucks for a new harness with an extra wire in it, could have soldered one in, but she was concerned this would void her warranty, is 60K bumper to bumper on this thing, Chevy could also do this.

Chevy was really nasty in making you buy a complete new steering wheel for the LS, this actually cost them more money not to put cruise in the LS, not only the cost of the part, the least of the cost, but all that extra inventory and accounting cost. Been an engineer for over 40 years in automotive, so I know all this stuff.

Just darn right mean and nasty and the way cops around here are today, you really need cruise control. Not really there to protect us, but to fine us for the least little things.

Least I could install fog lamps in my Cruze, the worse vehicle I have ever owned for extremely poor side lighting, almost ran over a pedestrian. But a year later, Chevy elected to change the firmware so it wouldn't work anymore. Knowing the cost of these parts, would only have cost them six bucks extra to make fogs standard, and this is really necessary in this car.

This was also down right mean, dirty, and nasty, would not mind meeting the guys that make these decisions in a dark alley. Or taking my Cruze and driving it up their butts.

Hope you AH's are reading this, providing if you even know how to read. Just down right mean and dirty.
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Yes you're right...can't be done they say..or they don't know how to do it or just don't wanna be a mechanic..I wanna do i myself to just connect to obd2 and program myself( change some parameters) and it's gonna be done, but don't know what type of hadware and software to use. Can anybody give me a clue where to order it?
I don't know how it works in other countries, but in the US, to program the car, you have to get a MDI and then subscribe to GM's service site. The MDI is in the ballpark of $400. Even then, I'm not sure how it would work. I think you have to tell the system that an option has been installed. Otherwise, you'd probably just get reflashed with the same feature set as it has now.

To be honest, I don't know of anyone on this forum that's done it themselves (unless they work for a dealer). Maybe one of the techs who visit here can spell out the steps so your dealer can do it. I know it's been done - just not "Do It Yourself".
My dealer connected on my bcm and he add commands to bcm for cruise control, but he can't get the cruise controls to see on his programator when he press them. He sad that he thinks it has to do something whit clock spring. I didn't replace it, i just replace the steering wheel. So it's this the last problem now? I see on forums that guy say that you need to have green wire on a pin 9 or something in your bcm?
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