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Look up 23483694/5. Places selling them state its strut 23483696/7 with spring 23447480.

The strut was updated from a hollow rod to solid.

You may find it paired with spring 23447420. This spring is a bit stiffer, possibly 1.8 equipped. My vehicle 1.4T came was paired with the 7480 so that is what I got. Will you notice a difference between the 2, no idea.
Thanks for posting those part numbers of the complete OE strut/spring assembly. I'm looking at doing struts, and for that price if I go OEM style that's really easy for $90. My guess is that these might be excess inventory from GEN1 vehicle production that some suppliers swooped up. New Stock, but not factory boxes or packaging from what I can tell.

I noticed that MOOG now has a standard spring replacement for about $45 each plus shipping.

This was one of the problems with my car, and I had it fixed before GM required that both the struts and springs be replaced. I had a terrible noise with the top strut bearings and mounts to the springs. Who knows which parts are still there, as the repair was just replacing a strut bearing top plate.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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