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Hi folks!
New member here. Owner of a 2012 Cruze 1.8 with 66k KM (around 41k miles)
I live in Central America (Guatemala), I bought my car new in the local GM dealer. Probably I am the first user in central america that posts something here.

One month ago I started with the classic PCV issue, hearing a whining noise all the time, I replaced the camshaft cover and it was ok for 5 days only. After that change I started to hear a little "cracking" noise on the engine, also my engine felt like stalling and looking back through the window I could see several amount of white smoke (or maybe grey), but not happened all the time, only sometimes.

Here in my country the policies regarding warranty are very tough, for example, to fill a claim you should make all the engine services in the dealer which can cost you 600% above the average cost, not to mention the spare parts (oil filter, air filter, etc) which is SO EXPENSIVE, not even a BMW is that expensive. So after one year I decided to make these services in another place. (A very qualified one, which used the specifications stated on the manual, 5w30 oil, DEX-COOl, etc)

So I took my car with them, they found oil on the spark plugs (which I saw), they did compression tests (injecting pressured air) and the car was ok. So I left the car and they opened the engine and after two days they called me stating that the engine looked overheated, the head gasket looked overheated as well. ( I don´t recall overheating my engine) they suggested me to replace the head gasket and the valve seals. (until here I agreed) But, they told me that a change of piston, piston rings, (an engine rebuild in short) was also recommended. This is crazy, how a car with only 41,000 miles could need that?

So I decided to ask here if anyone has faced the same issues like me. I must add that these issues came after I replaced the CAMSHAFT COVER. I was thinking maybe the intake manifold had something bad, but they checked it and found nothing wrong. Not sure what to do now.

Thanks for your time and I apologize if my english is not 100% accurate.

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