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Cruze 2013 1.6L Turbo PCV Valve

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The check engine light came on my Cruze 2013 1.6L Turbo and when I checked the error codes it was P0171 (System Too Lean (Bank 1) , I suspected PCV valve. I got the car serviced at the dealer and asked them to check it out and they also came back and said its the stuck open PCV valve.

I know the **** valve is molded onto the cam cover and a genuine valve cover is $800 AUD :eek:. I have seen aftermarket valve covers for this model online for around $100.

My question is has anyone replaced theirs with aftermarket one and do they fit well & long lasing ?

or do I have to bite the bullet and spend $800 on a genuine one ?

cheers 😀
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I know nothing about the 1.6L.

That being said,

I do know that on the 1.4L (LUJ), the valve cover needs to be OEM because the aftermarket ones are crap.
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