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Hey guys and gals,

I'm new here and it looked like the best place to come and seek help regarding an issue I recently had with my Cruze. I bought the Cruze at 35k, but within the month that I had it, I went through two gallons of dexcool and the vehicle heated up on me a total of three times! Angry as any first time Chevy buyer would probably be, I took it back to the dealer and had them take a look at it. According to them, it was the thermostat. I don't know why, but I felt as if these guys weren't sure what the problem was. So after leaving the car there overnight, going and picking it up, I drove it for about two weeks and it hasn't heat up on me BUT, it still smelled like coolant when I rolled down my window. So today, noticing that my coolant was low once again, I went and poured coolant in the coolant reservoir. To my surprise, there was a small crack on the side of the reservoir! Something small but costing me a few bucks buying the gallons of dexcool, gas to go the dealer, and now having to buy a new reservoir.

My question is, in general, has anyone had any issues with your Cruze in this area?

Thanks in advance,
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