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Really im so depressed, I loss trust with GMC and i cant trust them any more, why??? i will tell you why.
I have problem with my car ( cruze 2011, 37000km) the problem with that auto transmission, i call dealer here and he told me it out of warranty, i talk with him and i told him but the car still 37000km and i did all regular maintenance at dealer shop and as you know there something wrong with cruze transmission at all. and as usual they ignore my complain and told me u need around 1000$ to know what the exact problem ( looool 1000$ to exam and detect the problem) and then fix the car may need up to 5000$. really im surprised and i told them this a joke . i called the GMarabia and talk with him about this issue but they didnt make any action. and now my car park in parking like a toy, at the end now im sure the GMC dont care about the customers and the ignore any complain . i have case number and i was do the last maintenance at 5sep. that mean before 3 weeks of problem and the dealer told me everything is ok and i have report and when the problem appear the dealer say sorry we cant do any thing.

However im sure GMC also will Ignore this topic but as i said before i loss my trust and all my relative and all my friends now know everything about my story and also they lost their trust. and thank you GMC u scam me you let me buy the car then don't help me.
It's not their fault honestly. Cars aren't bullet proof. If you bought an extended warranty or bumper to bumper coverage, you would have been all set. Next time, invest more in the coverage available when you go to the dealer. It will save you in the long run. And I highly doubt your dealer wants $1K to inspect the car. That seems quite far fetched. Definitely questioning that.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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