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Cruze Battery Upgrade Options

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I had this discussion with bartonmd on the FB group earlier today and he provided a few options for battery replacement upgrades over what we have from GM. As you guys may know, the 1.8/1.4T battery tray is adjustable and has plenty of room left for a bigger battery.

Here are the specs for the OEM H5/47 group size, from an AutoCraft Gold battery:

520 Cold cranking amps
7.5" Height
9.57" Length
6.938" Width
Weight: 45 lbs
Price: $161.99

The following two group sizes fit in our battery trays. Here are the specs I found for the Advance Auto AutoCraft Platinum AGM battery. I strongly recommend any AGM battery. I've posted the differences over the OEM battery (assuming the AutoCraft Gold is equivalent or similar) in bolded green. The CCA specs and prices will vary slightly but not by a whole lot.

760 Cold cranking amps (+240 CCA = +46%)
7.5" Height
11" Length
6.938" Width
Weight: 45.66lbs (+0.66lbs = +1.5%)
Price: $174.99 (+$13 = +8%)

850 CCA (+330 CCA = +63%)
7.5" Height
12.44" Length
6.938" Width
Weight: 51.83lbs (+6.83lbs = +15%)
Price: $187.99 (+$26 = +16%)

Here is what the OEM H5 battery looks like in the battery tray:

Here is what the H6/48 battery looks like in the battery tray:

Here's a picture of the H7/94R battery in the Cruze:

Remember, if you have an Advance Auto Parts store near by, there is almost always a 30% coupon available that will knock $50 off the price of a battery. Order online to pick up in store.
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Bit of a update....looked at Diesel Cruze 94R yesterday.......Delco CCA rating 730amps.

Also, this is a 'AGM' design.....uh.....uh.....brain fade.....darnit!

Can't remember what the bloomin 'A' stands for......anyways, the rest is for Glass of you geniuses will have to pipe in....old age sucks at times....this is one of those times.
Big time energy release capability.......must really give that high compression diesel quite a boot the moment the starter engages.

absorbes glass mat
This may be a dumb question, considering it's obviously a larger battery. So, the larger battery will give you more cold cranking amps, but does that also mean that you get more amp hours. For example, can I listen to the radio longer with the engine off without worrying about killing the battery as quickly?

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