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Cruze cut off on the highway!

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Hello all,

Sorry if this has been posted numerous times, but I've read a few posts related to my problem and haven't found a definitive solution.

My wife and I have a 2013 Chevy Cruze LTZ that was purchased brand new in 2013. The car has approx. 94,000 miles and is used primarily for work with a majority of the miles being "highway" miles.

We have the oil changed regularly at the normal 3000 mile intervals, and the car has run relatively smooth since we purchased it.

The only issue we've had is a bad water pump, about a year ago, that was covered under warranty.

Last night the car lost power while my wife was driving to work...on the highway!

She, immediately, had to pull over to the center median as she could not safely make it to the shoulder without the car completely stalling in the middle of the expressway.

She was then stranded in the middle of a thick, grassy median wondering what happened. The electrical system was completely dead.

As I drove to pick her up, she continuously kept pushing the start button until she was eventually able to get the hazard lights to come on. The car still would not start, however.

As a bit more time passed, she was finally able to get the car to start. She was now able to drive (reluctantly) to the nearest gas station until I could meet her.

Shortly after arriving, I gave a quick look under the hood for battery terminal corrosion and any potentially loose fuses. I found nothing wrong.

Finally, I had my wife follow me home in our other car while I drove the Cruze, just in case it stalled or cut off again.

Needless to say, we made it all the way home, and the car appeared to drive smoothly with no issues during this time.

My wife is now afraid to drive the car again. And I must also admit that I feel rather unsafe driving the car as well, especially considering this could happen again at anytime.

Our power train warranty is almost up and it looks like this may be difficult to diagnose at the dealership, but something has to be done.

We are down to one car now and my wife had to miss work last night.

Has anyone had this issue, and most importantly, how did you get this resolved? If we can't get this fixed, we are thinking of getting rid of the car and trying a different manufacturer.

This is a shame as we have really enjoyed our Cruze, but this event does not inspire much confidence in potentially purchasing another Chevy vehicle in the future.

Any input would be most greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the super long post. We're just very worried and don't know what to do.

Thanks in advance!
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The negative battery cable has an extended warranty on it for varying electrical problems. Very common problem for these cars. As it heats up, it will choke off electric flow to systems rather like a pinched garden hose. That would be my best guess at this issue. Unfortunately, intermittent issues can be a big pain to track down.

I think it is special warranty coverage 14322 if I remember correctly. Searching negative battery cable here should turn up tons of results.
Welcome Aboard!:welcome:


I'll try to schedule an appointment to have them take a look.

Hopefully this fixes the problem.
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