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Hello everyone, here we are once again discussing the whole DPF system. I would like to hear from any North American Diesel Cruze owners who have ever seen a message on there vehicle information centre advising them to keep driving because the vehicle is in regen mode without being immediately followed with a check engine light that put the car in limp in mode advising engine power reduced.

I'm now in my second year of ownership with 40k Klm on my Cruze and have had to perform 2 manual regens with the last time the dealer telling me it's my fault as I didn't continue to drive the vehicle as it told me to. In my case this was never the case as the check engine light came right on start up with it displaying continue driving followed by diesel particulate filter full followed by engine power reduced. All of this before I could even take my car out of park. I would just like to know if anyone has ever seen the message to keep driving without all the other messages following. I'm convinced the vehicle never advises to keep driving before it's to late.

Thank you to all who reply
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