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Cruze EPA Fuel Economy Ratings Updated

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New methodology for 2017 brings retroactive adjustments to the entire Cruze lineup. The second generation Cruze is also impacted by the new rating methodology. Odd to see the Eco MT derated 2 MPG on the highway given the kind of real world fuel economy it gets.

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I am very grateful for these fuel economy ratings. I'm old enough to remember a time when there were none.

A useful service from the government.
I noticed this when I purchased my 16 LT, the 17's were rated 2 mpg lower on the highway, after putting a post up, this is what the consensus thought was the case
I will not be changing the HyperCruzer range requirements for the 1st generation of Cruze. Retroactively changing the criteria won't be fair to those who succeeded in meeting those requirements. I'll get the Gen2 Cruzes updated by the end of the month using the Cruze sales brochure GM sent me.
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